Daily Archives: November 2, 2006

Whisper Campaigns

Nathan Taylor’s recent article at Caleb’s Cafe examines how we sometimes unconsciously (or even consciously!) import the tactics and attitudes we’ve learned from politicians into the way we handle our decision-making responsibilities at church: By and large, an open, democratic … Continue reading

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Well, I Guess We're Even Now

Congratulations to Moroccan Abdollah Derkaoui for winning first place at Iran’s Holocaust cartoon exhibition. Entrants from Brazil and France tied for second. The exhibit was a misplaced attempt at responding to cartoons of Muhammad published last year in a Danish … Continue reading

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That's Not In the Bulletin, Bub!

Looks like Southern Baptist leaders are gearing up to start splitting with each other over worship styles: “We have two important issues to solve in our Convention. First, concerning the matter of worship style, we must decide what identifies us … Continue reading

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