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And Now for Hebrew

How does this look to everyone? ?ó‚Äò?ñ¬º?ñ¬??ó¬®?ñ¬µ?ó¬ê?ó¬©?ó¬Å?ñ¬¥?ñ‚Äì?ó‚Ñ¢?ó¬™ ?ó‚Äò?ñ¬º?ñ¬??ó¬®?ñ¬??ñ¬£?ó¬ê ?ó¬ê?ñ¬±?ó?ì?ñ¬??ó‚Äù?ñ¬¥?ñ‚Äò?ó‚Ñ¢?ó¬ù ?ó¬ê?ñ¬µ?ñ¬•?ó¬™ ?ó‚Äù?ñ¬??ó¬©?ó¬Å?ñ¬º?ñ¬??ó?æ?ñ¬??ñ‚Äì?ó‚Ñ¢?ñ¬¥?ó¬ù ?ó‚Ä¢?ñ¬??ó¬ê?ñ¬µ?ñ¬•?ó¬™ ?ó‚Äù?ñ¬??ó¬ê?ñ¬??ñ¬??ó¬®?ñ¬??ó¬• ?ó‚Äò?ñ¬º?ñ¬??ó¬®?ñ¬µ?ó¬ê?ó¬©?ó¬Å?ñ¬¥?ñ‚Äì?ó‚Ñ¢?ó¬™ ?ó‚Äò?ñ¬º?ñ¬??ó¬®?ñ¬??ñ¬£?ó¬ê ?ó¬ê?ñ¬±?ó?ì?ñ¬??ó‚Äù?ñ¬¥?ñ‚Äò?ó‚Ñ¢?ó¬ù ?ó¬ê?ñ¬µ?ñ¬•?ó¬™ ?ó‚Äù?ñ¬??ó¬©?ó¬Å?ñ¬º?ñ¬??ó?æ?ñ¬??ñ‚Äì?ó‚Ñ¢?ñ¬¥?ó¬ù ?ó‚Ä¢?ñ¬??ó¬ê?ñ¬µ?ñ¬•?ó¬™ ?ó‚Äù?ñ¬??ó¬ê?ñ¬??ñ¬??ó¬®?ñ¬??ó¬• Thanks again! I don’t expect to use Greek very often around here, and Hebrew even less frequently, but you never … Continue reading

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Another Ancient Church Discovered

The Daily Telegraph is reporting the discovery of a fourth-century church, dubbed “the Church of the Ark,” in the biblical town of Shiloh. You can check out PaleoJudaica and Magic Statistics for the details. In 1 Samuel, Shiloh was the … Continue reading

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Tuesdays with Mary: Mary in the Magnificat 1

And Mary said, My soul magnifies the Lord, and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior, for he has looked with favor on the lowliness of his servant. Surely, from now on all generations will call me blessed; for the … Continue reading

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