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Why I Don't Pray to Saints

Pseudo-Polymath wants to know, “If you do not pray to saints, why not?” He summarizes some of the reasons those who pray to saints do so. Most centrally (if I’m reading him correctly), one prays to saints to ask them … Continue reading

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I'm Not Crossing the Tiber, but My Toes Are in the Thames

If you’ve been a Christian for the past ten or twenty years, you don’t need a cutting-edge sociological study to tell you that denominational identity doesn’t mean nearly as much today as it used to. People attend the churches where … Continue reading

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Who's Going to Tell the Kurganists?

It looks like original sin predates the rise of Western civilization. The Ice Man was a murder victim. Christian theology would have predicted that any society composed of humans has dark, unpleasant aspects, but those who hold romanticized notions about … Continue reading

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My Church In the News!

Well, sort of. The First Baptist Church of Macon, Georgia was featured in this satirical feature: “TULIP VBS Brings Shocking Response from Parents.” If you knew anything about the “real” First Baptist Church, you’d bust a gut at the very … Continue reading

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Christian Reconciliation Carnival: Submissions?

I will be hosting the upcoming Christian Reconciliation Carnival, but I’ll be doing it at the group blog Connected Christianity of which I am a contributor. The call for submissions is now posted. This month‚Äôs special topic is ‚ÄúAlmost Persuaded.‚Äù … Continue reading

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Free Agia Sophia

This effort will almost certainly fail, which may well be the most compelling reason to make the attempt, as visibly as possible. It is the kind of thing people should link to every time there are stories of mosques opening … Continue reading

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A Theology of Laughter

Check out Kim Fabricius’ “Ten Propositions on Faith and Laughter” over at Faith and Theology. Be sure as well to check the comments. Along with Jesus Creed, Faith and Theology has some of the most astute commenters in the godblogosphere. … Continue reading

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Still Crazy Wesleyan after All These Years

You scored as Evangelical Holiness/Wesleyan,You are an evangelical in the Wesleyan tradition. You believe that God’s grace enables you to choose to believe in him, even though you yourself are totally depraved. The gift of the Holy Spirit gives you … Continue reading

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Writing Bible Study Curriculum

For anyone out there who aspires to write adult Bible study curriculum, here are some things you really, really ought to keep in mind: 1. Don’t give me super-Christians. Tell me about how the people in the Bible struggled with … Continue reading

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An Order of Service

Here is the worship script for last night’s “vespers” service [along with my annotations]. As I said previously, the theme was feeding the hungry, with particular emphasis on our church’s Crisis Closet ministry. For reasons I’m not quite sure I … Continue reading

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