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A Theology of Laughter

Check out Kim Fabricius’ “Ten Propositions on Faith and Laughter” over at Faith and Theology. Be sure as well to check the comments. Along with Jesus Creed, Faith and Theology has some of the most astute commenters in the godblogosphere.

For the record, I’m in total agreement with Michael (must be at least three times this year!): “Never trust any preacher or theologian without a sense of humor.”


  1. 3 times? Really? Be careful, Darrell, or I’ll have you becoming an Anabaptist pacifist, yet! I have to watch, too, because I think I agreed with you at least 4 times! :-)


  2. D. P. says:

    So, the race is on! Do I become an Anabaptist pacifist moonbat or does Michael become a paleo-orthodox evangelical nutjob?? The world awaits with bated breath. :-)


  3. Well, there’s much in your version of “paleo-orthodoxy” (which is far less strident than Tom Oden’s) that I find attractive–and since the pre-Constantinian Church was nonviolent, surely paleo-orthodox evangelical nutjobs would be pacifist, too? :-)

    The world has so many problems right now that I wonder if it really needs to add “bated breath.” Perhaps there’s a mint the world could take?


  4. SingingOwl says:

    LOL at you too nutjobs. I agree with Michael too when it comes to laughing preachers. LOLOLOLOLOL…..off I go laughing hysterically…don’t think that is quite what he had in mind….


  5. D. P. says:

    But SO, you’re a Pentecostal. Can’t you just tell everybody it was “holy laughter”? ;-)


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