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Herakles, Genealogies, and Biblical Chronology

There I was, minding my own business putting together my king list for the Argead Dynasty of Macedonia (the line that produced Alexander the Great), when I decided to crunch some genealogical numbers. Long-time readers may know that I’m willing … Continue reading

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High Priests of Israel

Here’s one more “king list”: the high priests of Israel. The dates on this one are dicey, especially for the period of the monarchy and before. I didn’t even try to attach dates to high priests before Eli, as I’m … Continue reading

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Yet Another Reason…

I love the fact that my daughter’s school has a uniform dress code: “Lolita’s Closet: Unbearably Trampy Back-to-School Clothes” by Emily Yoffe. “Mom, I’m 11!” she said. “I’m not Harriet Miers!” She (child of Washington that she is) had given … Continue reading

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Congratulations, Mike Aquilina!

The judge has rendered a decision. Having drawn his name from her favorite cowgirl hat, Rebecca Pursiful has officially declared Mike Aquilina the winner of this year’s Blogiversary Writing Project. As soon as he gets back to me about which … Continue reading

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Last Call for Free Book

The winner in this year’s Blogiversary Writing Project will be announced some time tonight, after my impartial judge returns from first grade this afternoon and we’ve all had a nice family meal. It’s not too late to write a post … Continue reading

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Rulers of Greece and Rome

Lists of rulers of Greece (Athens, Sparta, Macedonia) and Rome are now posted. I’m working on a list of Jewish high priests from Aaron to the fall of Jerusalem, which will probably go up some time later this week. Share … Continue reading

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Witherington on Biblical Illiteracy

Take Dr. Witherington’s trip to the woodshed. You’ll be glad you did. Share this: Digg this postRecommend on FacebookTweet about itSubscribe to the comments on this postTell a friend

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King Lists

Three more king lists are now posted in my Chronology section: Rulers of Syria and Mesopotamia Rulers of Egypt Rulers of Persia and Environs A final king list dealing with Greek and Roman rulers will be added in due time … Continue reading

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What's So Great about Alexander?

The first “real” day of lecturing in CHR 150 is always rough on students. That’s the day I talk about the Greco-Roman context of the New Testament. There’s just so much doggone history to cover it’s a wonder they aren’t … Continue reading

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Somebody's Getting a Free Book!

There are five days left to enter my Blogiversary Writing Project by writing up anything of your choosing on the topics of either St. Augustine or John Smyth and Thomas Helwys. Theology? Exegesis? Prayers? Limericks? Whatever you prefer to do … Continue reading

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