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The Ten Lost Tribes

The Ten “Lost Tribes of Israel” were mentioned briefly in class yesterday. Claude Mariottini has today linked to an interesting article about the place these tribes eventually inherited in Jewish folklore, and also provides a number of links to his … Continue reading

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ICF: Victim of Romophobia

Sad. An InterVarsity Christian Fellowship chapter can look very different in the fall than it did the previous spring. But the chapter at George Washington University (GWU) in the nation’s capital is dealing with change of a more uncomfortable kind … Continue reading

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That's Going to Leave a Mark!

Tim Challies’s review of Karen Armstrongs The Case for God: It is a rare occasion that I find it difficult to point out any redeeming features in a book-when I struggle to find a single positive to write in a … Continue reading

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How Not to Ingratiate Your Fans

Harry Potter Themed Dinner Banned for “Infringing Copyright” I hope Warner Brothers has operatives out in full force this Saturday, as there are certain to be hundreds of little Harry Potters and Hermione Grangers wandering the streets of most major … Continue reading

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Brain Research Lends Support to Paul, Rabbis, Freud, and…Spock?

Ken Schenck gives a blurb about How God Changes Your Brain, a new book about brain research that a group on his campus is discussing. I’m just dropping in on the group today; I haven’t read the whole book. But … Continue reading

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CHR 101 Progress Reports

Apparently, I inadvertently send out some “blank” 8-week progress reports (due to a glitch either in the automated system or my own mental capacities). If you are a student in my CHR 101 class at Mercer and you believe you … Continue reading

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Clarence Jordan, Pray with Us

More people need to know the story of Clarence Jordan, a genuine Baptist saint: Southern Baptist Theological Seminary had hosted many people before Clarence and would host many after him but Clarence Jordan was something different. In 1938, Clarence had … Continue reading

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Can Women Be Ministers?

Ben Witherington has written a concise summary and refutation of the most prevalent arguments against women in ministry. As I have learned over many years…. the problem in the church is not strong and gifted women.¬† We need all those … Continue reading

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Why Was David Tending the Sheep?

Some interesting insights into shepherding from this excerpt from Margaret Feinberg’s latest book: The introduction of Saul stands in sharp contrast to the first mention of David, the second king of Israel. The prophet Samuel is told by God that … Continue reading

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Saul's Reign

Claude Mariottini draws attention to the fact that nobody really knows how long Saul reigned over Israel, although it is possible to make an educated guess. Since Claude’s educated guess is the same as mine, it is well worth the … Continue reading

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