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An N. T. Wright Primer

Prepared for those who will be attending an upcoming conference at Wheaton, but available to all from Nijay Gupta and some of his colleagues.

N. T. Wright for Everyone: The Apostle Paul (by Nijay Gupta)

N. T. Wright on Biblical Theology (by Kyle T. Fever)

Thanks, Jeanie!

Jeanie Miley has some very kind words to say about Formations adult Bible study curriculum, of which I am the editor:

For years we have used the FORMATIONS study material, written by moderate Baptists across the country.  The lessons are edited and printed by the publisher Smyth and Helwys.  I have been so impressed by these current commentaries on the prophets,  written by Brett Younger, that I ordered copies for each member of the class.  Brett has an unusual ability to peer into the biblical material and connect it with contemporary culture.  He has made the ancient material in Malachi, Micah, Habbakkuk and Zephaniah come alive for us.

So Who Blogs to Be Cool, Anyway?

Nicholas Carter: “Blogging: a great pastime for the elderly“:

Did you see that new Pew study that came out yesterday? It put a big fat exclamation point on what a lot of us have come to realize recently: blogging is now the uncoolest thing you can do on the Internet. It’s even uncooler than editing Wikipedia articles or having a Second Life avatar. In 2006, 28% of teens were blogging. Now, just three years later, the percentage has tumbled to 14%. Among twentysomethings, the percentage who write blogs has fallen from 24% to 15%. Writing comments on blogs is also down sharply among the young. It’s only geezers – those over 30 – who are doing more blogging than they used to.

I am such a blogger.

Update: This comment from Norman Geras requires reading and re-reading:

[Reading] tends to be more fun when the writing that you’re reading shows evidence of some reading by the writer. If there’s reading in the writing, reading can be riotous. It can be rolling-in-the-aisles rantabulous; rosy, red, rudely robust and rollicking. It can reap and rebel and renew; roam and refresh; react and reflect, recollect, reconnect. Writing without reading can be rotten – really really rotten.

Names in Genesis 1–11

Interesting article about the personal names in the opening chapters of Genesis by Richard S. Hess over at The Bible and Interpretation. I wish I knew more about onomastics than I do. The Medieval Names Archive does a fantastic job of tracking the naming practices of the period roughly AD 500–1500, and there are several online sources for information about ancient Rome. If something comparable exists for the ancient world, I would appreciate a heads-up.

Biblical Studies Carnival XLX-1

The latest Biblical Studies Carnival is now posted at Abnormal Interests. I’m not sure how to do math involving both Roman and Arabic numerals, however.


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