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Bible Genealogy

One of my hobbies is genealogy. I’ve only gotten into it in the past three or four years, but I find it fascinating. It wasn’t long before I started to put together some notes on the genealogies of the Bible and adding data from extrabiblical sources. You can either accept or reject what Jubilees and other noncanonical traditions say, but I figured it was worth it to put all the information in one place.

For that matter, you can do what you wish with the biblical data. If you want to consider all or most of the early material mythological, I won’t be offended. For my part, I tend to think there is at least a kernel of historical truth behind the primeval history in Genesis–at least enough to make some educated guesses about what broad era the characters are meant to represent. For example, Adam and his sons clearly belong in the Neolithic period, Noah’s flood can be plausibly set at the end of the Ubaid period, and Nimrod sounds for all the world like the Sumerian Enmerkar, who must be dated to the Uruk 4 period.

I’ve finally gotten around to putting a little of this data up on the web. The first three installments trace the generations from Adam to Terah:

I’ll add more as I get a free moment, including lots of goodies about the lineage of David.

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