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Dear Tyrants: Let Bloggers Blog

Amnesty International is asking bloggers to show their support for freedom of expression and to highlight the plight of bloggers imprisoned for what they have written.

I really can’t do better than Christopher Bailey’s explanation (at The Grail Code) for why it is wrong to curtail peoples God-given right to say and believe whatever they want, even if they are blazingly in error.

As for highlighting the plight of persecuted bloggers, the current theocratic regime in Iran is as good a place to start as any:

Iran Jails Blogger for 14 Years (BBC)

Iran Attempts to Pull Plug on Web Dissidents (Jihadwatch, via LA Times)

Mortazavi defends unilateral filtering of “immoral and sacrilegious” websites (Stop Censoring Us)

Blogger cleared of “insult to prophets” but still guilt of “insulting Supreme Guide” (Reporters without Borders)

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