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All Saints Eve Roundup

Here are a few interesting items from around the blogosphere about what day it is.

All Saints

We should begin with Scot McKnight’s challenge for us to speak our eschatology. The communion of saints really is a communion, you know!

A brief story about the importance of honoring the dead.

Seth Ward wants us to know that we are part of a vast body of believers.

Here are tomorrow’s lectionary readings. Christopher Heard thinks he’s found the best Bible story for Halloween. I say it works just as well for All Saints!

What do you tell children about the true meaning of All Saints Eve? (PS: Here are some cute children in costumes for the occasion.)

Can a cop killer be a saint? If so, will he be written up in a future edition of this book?

Here’s an FAQ on the saints from American Catholic.

Samhain and Its Parodies

The Celts marked the end of the harvest season around this time of year for hundreds of years before the arrival of the first Christian missionaries. They did the same thing even after converting, which proves conclusively that evangelization had absolutely no impact on the climate of the British Isles. You can explore the connection between All Saints and Samhain (or not) here.

In case you missed it, here are some of my suggestions for celebrating All Saints Day/Halloween.

On the lighter, Halloweeny end of things, Tyler Williams has reposted last year’s missive on witches in the Hebrew Bible. You might also be interested in why Italians celebrate Halloween better than Americans.

Have a happy Halloween, just don’t go crazy over it!

Semper Reformanda!

Oh, and today is also Reformation Day if you’re into that sort of thing. 😉 I am, but I’m also challenged by Scot McKnight’s five-part review of Noll and Nystrom’s Is the Reformation Over? and, as someone rather comfortable with the “new perspective on Paul,” I find it a question worth exploring. At the same time, Dan Edelen wonders aloud whether we’ve squandered a lot of what the Reformation brought us.

Either way, there’s no escaping the historical significance of the Protestant Reformation. So, go read a Reformer today. You’ll be glad you did!

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