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Well, I Guess We’re Even Now

Congratulations to Moroccan Abdollah Derkaoui for winning first place at Iran’s Holocaust cartoon exhibition. Entrants from Brazil and France tied for second.

The exhibit was a misplaced attempt at responding to cartoons of Muhammad published last year in a Danish newspaper:

Many Muslims considered the cartoons published by the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten a violation of traditions prohibiting images of their prophet.The Teheran daily Hamshahri, a co-sponsor of the exhibition, said it wanted to test the West’s tolerance for drawings about the Nazi killing of 6 million Jews in World War II. The entries on display came from nations including United States, Indonesia and Turkey.

I say “misplaced” because, if the offense was comical or insulting pictures of the founder of Islam, shouldn’t the response be to draw comical or insulting pictures of Moses (or perhaps Jesus?). Cartoons of the Holocaust don’t quite hit the target, do they?

Gee, I dunno. Does the West tolerate it when figures associated with its most prevalent religious traditions are ridiculed? When Jews march in the streets calling for Derkaoui’s death and/or the conquest of Mecca, or when the first Moroccan flag is burned, the first imam is gunned down, or the first Iranian embassy is destroyed—or not—maybe we’ll have our answer.

In the meantime, here is some more discussion of anti-Semitic cartoons for your reading (and viewing) displeasure.

And here is how some Jews have in fact chosen to respond to Iran’s juvenile contest.



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