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Impossible Welsh Names

This likely won’t matter to anybody but me, but I’m glad somebody is prepared to help me pronounce all those gosh-awful Welsh names I sometimes come across when studying early Celtic history and culture.

I don’t recall where I heard this, but the history of the development of the Celtic languages can generally be understood as follows: Welsh and Gaelic were once the same language, but over time they drifted apart. In the process, Gaelic got most of the vowels while Welsh retained custody of most of the consonants.

If that is the most sense you can make of Welsh, take a look over at The Grail Code: “How to Pronounce those Impossible Welsh Names.”

I’m thinking this may come in handy next time we’re singing a hymn in church to the tune of HYFRYDOL (one organist I knew pronounces it “hydrofoil”) or CWM RHONDDA. That, and next year when Saint Illtyd’s day comes around.

Hey, anybody want to take a stab at doing something similar for Gaelic?

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