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Sacrifice, (Central) American Style

Here’s an interesting reflection from The Grail Code on the Aztec practice of human sacrifice.

Christian writers among the Spanish conquerors, and some of the historians who followed them, have tended to dwell on the horror of human sacrifice in contrast to the Christian religion that replaced it. On the other hand, many recent writers treat the same subject as an irreducible fact of anthropology. We can neither condemn nor understand it, because the Aztecs were utterly different from us.

Both views, I think, miss the point, and for the same reason. Both treat the ancient Mexicans as if they were utterly different from us, which helps us avoid the extremely uncomfortable fact that they were actually just like us.

And, as the writer points out, it is possible to see Christianity itself as a religion based on human sacrifice?¢‚Ǩ‚Äùbut with one key difference. As the author of Hebrews points out, in Christianity there is only one sacrifice, and God himself provides the victim.

Ponder that this coming Advent season.



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