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Daily Archives: December 2, 2006

Greek Fonts

I’m finally trying to work out how to use Greek and Hebrew fonts on this blog. When you all look at the lines below, do you see Greek text or do you see gobbledygook?

e0n a0rxh/ h}n o0 lo/goj

?°¬º¬ê?é¬? ?°¬º‚Ǩ?è¬Å?è‚Ä°?°¬ø‚Äû ?°¬º¬¶?é¬? ?°¬?¬Å ?鬪?°¬?¬??é¬??é¬ø?è‚Äö

?°¬º¬ê?é¬? ?°¬º‚Ǩ?è¬Å?è‚Ä°?°¬ø‚Äû ?°¬º¬¶?é¬? ?°¬?¬Å ?鬪?è?í?é¬??é¬ø?è‚Äö?Ǭ†