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Somewhat Longer Commentaries

Against my better judgment, I allowed myself to be persuaded to offer my NT students a chance at some extra credit on the final exam. In the spirit of the very short commentaries I’ve been compiling, I asked them to write a sixty-word summary of any New Testament book of their choosing. Here are three of the best:

Jesus came from the line of David as the anointed Messiah in order to fulfill all prophecies foretold in the early Scriptures. He was a profound teacher who offered a new law of righteousness that allowed entrance into the kingdom of God for the Jews, who in turn were responsible for spreading the same message of hope to the Gentiles.

Jesus returned for forty days.
The disciples had Judas replaced.
On Pentecost, the Spirit came.
Many would hear; many were saved.
The church grew quickly; some felt rejected.
To care for these widows, seven were selected.
Stephen died, but Paul became alive.
God revealed to Peter: Jesus loves all kinds.
‘Jew before Christian’ idea rejected.
Paul preached, traveled, suffered, directed.

2 John
To the elect lady, elder, and children
I send love and lots of it.
But look out, for there is an antichrist!
And he wishes to destroy the church’s good works.
He who oversteps works of God is no good.
This is my warning.
I do not want to waste paper.
Other children say, “Hello!”

Love and God bless,

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