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I wish to God churches would take these values to heart and state them as clearly as David Fitch has, and as often as possible:

What not to Expect from a Missional Church:

1.) Should not expect to regularly come to church for just one hour, get what you need for your own personal growth and development, and your kids’ needs, and then leave til next Sunday. Expect mission to change your life. Expect however a richer life than you could have ever imagined.

2.) Should not expect that Jesus will fit in with every consumerist capitalist assumption, lifestyle, schedule or accoutrement you may have adopted before coming here. Expect to be freed from a lot of crap you will find out you never needed.

3.) Should not expect to be anonymous, unknown or be able to disappear in this church Body. Expect to be known and loved, supported in a glorious journey.

Read it all. I mean it!

(H/T: Soli Deo)


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