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CRC: Next Month’s Topic

The second Christian Reconciliation Carnival will be held here March 1. The deadline for submissions is midnight on February 28.

Weekend Fisher, who initiated this Carnival just last month, suggested that there might be a special topic each month at the discretion of the host (although general interest posts are also quite welcome!). In honor of Black History Month, I would like to suggest that the topic for the second Carnival be the Church and Racial Reconciliation. You might take this topic in one of two ways.

  1. Christians working for racial reconciliation in the world.
  2. Christians working for racial reconciliation within the church.

I’d like to know what believers have to say about both aspects of this topic! What is your church doing (or what should it be doing) to bridge racial divides? What success stories can you share? What challenges to you see? What have you learned from interactions with churches and Christians from different ethnic or racial groups? Go over to WF’s blog for the lowdown on how to nominate a post and all that other fun stuff. Then I’ll see you back here in four weeks!
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