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Charismatic Dangers?

David at Per Christum has outlined some dangers inherent in the charismatic movement. No, he doesn’t claim that all charismatic/Pentecostal-types exhibit these symptoms. In fact, he is himself a charismatic Catholic “in a limited sense.” So read his list in the spirit of an insider taking an honest look at problem areas in a tradition he (to a certain extent) embraces.

Although he is writing about dangers from a Catholic point of view, I wonder if those in other faith communities would see the same things. I would also be interested in knowing if Pentecostal and charismatic Protestants see these things as potential problems as well, and how they think they ought to be addressed.

Update: Singing Owl, an Assemblies of God pastor, has indulged my curiosity with a response on her blog.

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  1. Well, Darrell, I am a charismatic Baptist and I could have written most of that post. My only exception is that I think that anything that downplays the clergy/laity distinction is a good thing!


  2. SingingOwl says:

    I’ll respond later when I have a bit more time. Interessting and insightful.


  3. SingingOwl says:

    D.P., I posted about this over at my place. Hop on over…or swim or whatever…


  4. D. P. says:

    Thanks! I just did! 🙂


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