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Baptists and the Lord’s Supper

Check out Michael Spencer on the historic Baptist view of the Lord’s Supper. (Hint: It’s symbolic, but there’s nothing “mere” about it!) I’ll just note a couple of gems. The first is from Dr. Peter Gentry:

The Christian tradition in which I grew up celebrated the Lord’s Supper every week. I wrote an entire paper once to show that the Lord’s Supper, according to the teaching of the Apostles is the very heart of Christian Worship. Acts 2:42 lists it as one of four items to which the early Christians were absolutely devoted. Churches in which the practice the Lord’s Supper is so marginal…are in my view deficient in their understanding of Scripture. I think what I wrote in my article on the Lord’s Supper defends this view.

The next is from Derek in the comments (emphasis added):

I’m your target audience. I have always felt a little uneasy by the “mere symbolism”¬ù attitude in my Southern Baptist circle and the neglect of the Lord’s Supper that goes along with it. I’ve been toying with all the alternative understandings, but I never quite realized how rich and reverent even symbolism alone can be. After reading this, I’m beginning to think that perhaps the problem with our Baptist Lord’s Suppers isn’t theological so much as that we just don’t do it, and when we do, we trivialize it. So straightforward, it’s no wonder I didn’t think of it.

Eventually, we may yet get the hint and restore the Lord’s Table to its proper place at the center of our worship and spirituality. I would sure like to help us try.

“Mere” Symbols

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