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Baptists to the Right of Me, Baptists to the Left of Me!

I’m heading off tomorrow for the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship meeting in Washington, DC. Connie and Rebecca are coming along and we’ll get to do some sightseeing before the meeting officially begins on Thursday and I’m consigned to the exhibit hall for the duration. If anybody out there is planning to attend, come by and let me pitch you some curriculum‚Äîand give you some free samples!

In the mean time, I’m going to hold off on doing the meme for which Psalmist has tagged me until next week. It’s too good not to give serious thought! But I will be setting up an old series from my previous blog to repost over the days I’m away.


Dr. Platypus: Parental Guidance Suggested

Online Dating

Based on the occurrences of the words hell and breast.

Who knew I was such a potty mouth!?