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Gifted Students

I’ll be back at “serious” blogging by next week. I realize I still owe Craig a piece on Greg Boyd, free will, and eternal security; plus I’ll probably start writing some posts related to the class I’m getting ready to teach.

In the meantime, let me brag on Rebecca, who officially enters her school’s gifted program today! This year, they will be learning about art and art history, architecture, and Shakespeare. Not bad for a bunch of first graders. 🙂

Speaking of gifted students, I learned that Rick Mansfield, one of my former Greek students, has started teaching Elementary Greek himself at Southern Seminary this week. Way to go, Rick, and best wishes as you inflict “Mrs. Smith’s revenge” on a new crop of budding scholars!

I’ve also had the pleasure in recent days of editing a unit of lessons written by another student, Tom Allen. I can claim some small degree of credit (or blame) in bringing Tom and his wife, Susan, together. They were students in the first Elementary Greek class I ever taught, and their relationship began as study buddies trying to figure out Greek! Distress and hardship have a way of forging strong relationships, I guess. Tom is pastor of Midway Baptist Church in Kentucky and, if I may say so, an excellent writer.

Next week I’ll start another round of New Testament Introduction with a bunch of wide-eyed freshmen at Mercer University. Some of them will no doubt resent having to attend this required class. Others will come ready to learn, explore, and grow. If the pattern holds, one or two of them will be truly gifted, and it will be a pleasure to take them one step further in their journey toward intellectual and spiritual adulthood.