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Congratulations, Mike Aquilina!

The judge has rendered a decision. Having drawn his name from her favorite cowgirl hat, Rebecca Pursiful has officially declared Mike Aquilina the winner of this year’s Blogiversary Writing Project. As soon as he gets back to me about which book he would like to receive, it will be speeding his way.

I’d like to thank Mike for his devotion to making the Fathers of the Church seem a bit more accesible, his occasional comments on this blog, and especially for the pun-ishment he often inflicts upon his readers in his post titles!

Thanks, Mike. I’m glad I’ve gotten to meet you, at least digitally.


Last Call for Free Book

The winner in this year’s Blogiversary Writing Project will be announced some time tonight, after my impartial judge returns from first grade this afternoon and we’ve all had a nice family meal. It’s not too late to write a post (essay, question, knock-knock joke, etc.) about either St. Augustine of Hippo, the revered Doctor of the Church or John Smyth (with or without his colleague, Thomas Helwys), the revered Baptist rabble-rouser.

The winner will receive a copy of any of the new titles from Smyth & Helwys Publishing (excluding commentaries and titles from other publishers).

Just let me know if you have a post you’d like included and, even if you don’t, thanks for being a great bunch of readers!