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Shocking Innovations!

iMonk is piggy-backing on Jared Wilson’s 11 Innovations for Your Church by including his own “shocking agenda.” Here are a few of my own ideas:

23. Preach from the lectionary and read all the lessons every Sunday.

24. Integrate the Lord’s Supper into church fellowship meals.

25. Fewer business meetings; more prayer meetings. At these prayer meetings, pray for more than five minutes.

26. Study and teach about church history—all 2,000 years of it.

27. Teach the congregation how to worship.

28. Teach the congregation how to minister to one another and to those outside the church.

29. Forgive one another.

30. Spend much time together.

31. Host regular community dinners for the poor and homeless.

32. Make friends in your church’s neighborhood.

33. If the only reason you do something is to promote institutional survival, don’t do it.

Who else has a shocking innovation to add to the list?


  1. ME says:

    I’ve heard #33 so many times stated in so many ways. I think that the church members often don’t even realize that they are saying this.

    We need to ask, in return, if we spend $___ and ___amount of time on this program and 200 people show up and they all join another church as a result, how would we feel?


  2. Kyle says:

    When my priest wants to get my goat, he asks me to help tweak the hospitality program…


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