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What Kind of Craven Slimeball Deletes Another Person’s Blog?

Charles Halton reports it has happened to Dr. Jim West, a pioneer of the biblioblogosphere, with whom I believe I probably disagree about practically everything. Still, this sort of despicable act is so far beyond the pale as to be incomprehensible. Therefore, I am following Charles’ lead and hereby adding a link to Jim’s (presently defunct) blog on my blogroll, and will update the link when/if he sets up his new blog. I encourage other bibliobloggers to do the same.

Update: Chris Tilling has posted a letter from Dr. West:

‚ÄúI want to thank all those who have dropped me a line or posted on their own blog words of encouragement and urging continuation. I’m appreciative and even (potentially) a bit humbled (ah but that’s already passed, thankfully- what a wretched feeling that humility nonsense is).

While I appreciate your sentiments, I don’t think I’ll re-enter the fray. I’ll post from time to time on biblioblogs.com and occasionally on moderatebaptists.blogspot.com (both of which are ‘group’ blogs); and of course I’ll remain active on the biblical studies list- but at present I don’t imagine I’ll launch another private blog. I think I’ll just let the vacuum caused by my absence naturally fill with newer, better, and more adorably oriented biblioblogs, and focus on my printed works aimed at church folk.

With all my denunciations of total depravity and my constant assertions concerning the reality of Divine Providence, it would be hypocritical were I surprised to be the victim of the one and the servant of the other. Perhaps this ‘closed door’ is best after all.

Receive all my best wishes, biblioblogging brothers (and I think 1 or 2 sisters), as you carry on the work. It’s yours now. Do well.‚Äù

Update 2: He’s ba-a-a-ack!

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  1. Roger Pearse says:

    It is hard not to make enemies online. The anonymous scumbag who did this, tho, deserves roasting.


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