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Christian Reconciliation Carnival #11: Call for Submissions

The next Christian Reconciliation Carnival will be hosted here in early April. The deadline for submissions is March 31, and the carnival will be posted very shortly thereafter. Here is a link for information about submitting posts.

This quarter’s Carnival catches the Christian family in its almost yearly East-West time warp. By the end of March, most of us‚Äîthose who follow the Gregorian calendar‚Äîwill have already passed Easter heading for Pentecost. Orthodox Christians following the Julian calendar, however, will be near the beginning of Great Lent and Pascha will still be a month away. At the same time, thousands of Christians in the free-church tradition will have celebrated Easter without giving a moment’s thought to a Lenten season of preparation, and will be largely oblivious that Pentecost is looming on the horizon.

All of this prompts me to propose “Reconciliation and Liturgical Time” as the special topic for this Carnival. How are divergent or competing understandings of the liturgical year an obstacle to reconciliation? Conversely, how does the idea of liturgical time open up possibilities for greater unity? In any event, how do we live out our Christian discipleship among fellow believers who approach liturgical time differently?

I look forward to your insights.


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