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New List for Biblical Studies

Kevin Edgecomb, Tyler Williams, et al. have announced the inauguration of The Biblicalist, a new Yahoo! group for biblical studies. As Kevin explains,

This list is going to be a little different than other such lists. While we’re seeking to maintain a strong academic flavor to the list, we also want the following: for the list to avoid becoming a forum that is representative of only one stream of modern scholarship and thus one that is truly representative of biblical studies as a whole; we want the focus to be wider than simply the Bible and academic interaction with it alone, and therefore inclusive of various tangential subjects like archaeology, historiography, Classics, and so on; we want participants to the list to find it acceptable to post on philosophical, theological and other matters, ancient or modern; and last but not least, we want to have fun!

This looks to be a great group moderated by some talented writers and scholars. I’ve already signed up and, unlike the other biblical studies lists of which I am a member, I might actually become a participant 🙂



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