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Where Is the Trained Theologian when You Need Him?

Well, he’s just back from Orlando and the Committee on the Uniform Series, but his wife could have used him a couple nights ago when the following conversation took place:

“Mommy, did the dinosaurs or did Jesus come first?”

“I think dinosaurs came first because there weren’t many people on earth when the dinosaurs where here.”

“Was God before or after Jesus?”

“Both. God was before Jesus and after Jesus.”

“God wasn’t ever born was he?”

“No, because he has been alive for ever.”

“Can God die?”


“What if somebody died and took a gun to heaven with them and shot him?”

(Okay, which end of this theological mess do I answer?) “You can’t take anything to heaven with you when you die.”

“Why not?”

“You just can’t.”

“Because you died and your hands don’t work anymore?”

“Yea, something like that. Don’t you think it’s time to read a bedtime story?”


(Thank goodness for the Bailey School Kids!)



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