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Blogger Appreciation Day

Darren Rowse, the mastermind behind ProBlogger, has declared today (unofficial) Blogger Appreciation Day.

I’ve been chatting with a few bloggers of late who’ve been feeling a little down in the dumps about their blogging – so perhaps everyone could do with a little lift.

Lets spend today doing a few random acts of kindness and encouragement for our fellow bloggers.

I’m not writing this in the hope of getting more emails myself (I’ve got my share for today already) – but instead want to encourage you to take a moment to email another blogger and to thank them for something that you’ve appreciated about what they’ve done lately. In a sense it’s a “Pay it Forward” exercise.

My goal for the day is to leave five appreciative comments at some of my favorite blogs and link to the three best posts I come across today.


  1. […] on someone because they successfully performed a biological function), it appears that today is Blogger Appreciation Day. Let the glorious compliments […]


  2. Jim says:

    What a grand idea!


  3. mike says:

    You mean there are other blogs besides this one?

    Thanks for all the good stuff!


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