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Now We Can Exhale

In January we got a letter indicating that Rebecca has been rezoned from from a pretty good school to one of the worst in the state of Georgia. We’re talking about a school teaching a half-grade level beneath what Rebecca was already bored with at her current school, a school with significantly lower average test scores than just about any school in the county, in a neighborhood that several people have told us they’d be afraid to drive through at night. We’re talking about a school that doesn’t even send summer reading list information to the nearest public library branch. We’re talking about a school that, when we mention it to longtime Macon residents, educators in the public school system, and real estate agents, elicits groans, gasps, and impassioned pleas of “You can’t let Rebecca go there!”

The official school board line is that the rezoning was done to alleviate overcrowding at Rebecca’s current school. We believe—and several people who ought to know concur—that it was in fact a cynical attempt to bring up the test scores at the new school not by improving the educational environment there but by bringing in better students. The 65 out of over 800 students that would be transferred from School A to School B will barely make a dent in School A’s alleged overcrowding problem.

We applied for a special transfer to keep Rebecca at Heritage Elementary School based on proximity—we live about one mile closer to Heritage than to Union. No dice.

We applied for Rebecca to attend one of Macon’s magnet schools in the fall, and were placed on waiting lists.

We considered private school, but it just wasn’t in our budget.

We asked our State Senator (who is also my boss) to write a letter of recommendation. Sharon Patterson, the school board superintendent, responded by writing to us to ensure us that Rebecca would get a fine education at Union and offering to set up a tour with the principal. I’m sorry, but a former principal at Union Elementary School has been one of our primary encouragers in keeping Rebecca out of there!

This morning, we finally learned that next year Rebecca will be attending Vineville Academy of the Arts, one of the aforementioned magnet schools, the link to which is now proudly posted in my sidebar. This afternoon, we’ll tell Rebecca that she’ll be going to a school next year that focuses on art, creative writing, music, and dance, and she is going to jump up and down for at least an hour.

Mrs. Patterson, φιλήσον τὴν ἐμὴν πυγήν!



  1. mike says:

    Te deum … no more tedium!


  2. Beverly Owens says:

    YEA!!! This is an answer to our prayers!


  3. Ruud Vermeij says:

    Academy of the Arts… Cool!


  4. Psalmist says:

    Hurrah! I’m so glad this is the outcome for Rebecca–and for you all. (beaming here)


  5. SingingOwl says:

    Just catching up a bit here! Hooray!!!


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