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On Worship

Blessed is the king
who comes in the name of the Lord!
Peace in heaven,
and glory in the highest heaven! (Lk 19:38)

True worship involves sacrifice. We see this on several levels in Luke 19:29-40. First, there was the person who was asked to give up his donkey so that Jesus could ride it into Jerusalem. That’s not a great sacrifice—he no doubt got his donkey back as soon as Jesus was finished with it.

Others were asked to give up their coats. That was more costly. You don’t want to get your coat back after a donkey and maybe a few dozen pilgrims have walked on it! Those who sacrificed their coats would have to get new ones.

What about all those who praised God ‚Äújoyfully with a loud voice‚Äù? Did they give anything up? Some of the Pharisees took exception to their enthusiastic display. Jesus rebuked them: “I tell you, if these were silent, the stones would shout out.”

Did the overly boisterous worshipers perhaps sacrifice their reputation? Maybe they gave up their need to be in control or their sense of decorum. Were these things lost forever?

Even if others disapprove, it is right for disciples to praise God wholeheartedly. If they don’t, Jesus suggested, the parking lot gravel might just burst into song.



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