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Heather King, Redeemed

Heather King, Redeemed: A Spiritual Misfit Stumbles Toward God, Marginal Sanity, and the Peace That Passes All Understanding (Viking, 2008).

According to Amy Welborn, it’s a winner. It certainly has iMonk impressed:

Now I think King is talking about what the entire Christian tradition- Protestant, Orthodox and Catholic- produces when we stop this insane renovation of the essentials of the faith into “Your Best Life Now.” We’ve got millions of Christians for whom Christ is no more than a life coach with a motivational message for when you’re “down” and “needing direction.” The idea that God has utterly invaded and transformed the human experience via the Gospel, and revolutionizes life now with the Kingdom- it’s really another religion.

PS: Read the interview with the author.

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  1. heather king says:

    Hi Darrell, thank you so much for mentioning my book in your blog. Really gratified to know there are others out there….Keep the faith and keep up the good work,



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