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Tales from a Baptist Bard

I have been remiss in not pointing my readers to a new blog by my friend and (distant) cousin, Joshua Hearne. Josh, a Baptist minister in Virginia, is Telling the Stories that Matter, and doing some of the best writing I’ve ever seen from him in the process. If you need a daily fix of stories of saints and other heroes of the faith, complete with beautiful graphics, go check him out.

He seems to be especially keen to tell the stories of more obscure saints that many of us (okay, that I) have never heard of, which is all the more reason to subscribe to his RSS feed! Here are some recent examples:


  1. I can see that writing talent runs in the family. I discovered Joshua by accident a few weeks ago, and have found that he writes very well.


  2. Correction to my previous comment. Joshua had put me in his blog roll. I checked him out because of the hits I was getting from his site.

    The comment about writing talent stands.


  3. D. P. says:

    Michael: He’s a great writer, but since his wife’s stepfather is my dad’s first cousin, I doubt we have that many shared genes 😉


  4. Josh H says:

    Thanks for the link, Darrell. Your link and your comments (yours, too, Michael) mean very much to me. I’ve found it a useful spiritual discipline to continue to write these stories. It is encouraging to hear that people are, also, drawing something from it. Please keep reading and letting me know what you think–it means much to me.


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