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Catholics and Biblical Inerrancy

I’ll freely admit that the term “inerrancy” still leaves a bad taste in my mouth because of the ways the term was abused by my former co-religionists in the SBC twenty years ago. But if you’re going to hold onto the term—and God bless you if you do!—you owe it to yourself to think long and hard about what it means and what it doesn’t. To that end, take a look at John Hobbins’ translation (and very brief commentary) of some key statements from the October 2008 Synod of Catholic Bishops on the Bible over at Ancient Hebrew Poetry.

Update: Mike Aquilina has pointed me to this story by John Allen of the National Catholic Reporter, which fills in a few more details.



  1. John Hobbins says:


    Thanks for picking up on this. It has be fun for a Baptist like you to be able to say: I agree with how the London Baptist Confession of 1689 defines Scripture, and with the doctrine of inerrancy taught in the Lausanne Covenant and by the Roman Catholic Church, but not the view of inerrancy taught by SBC innovators and their like who put the emphasis in all the wrong places.”


  2. D. P. says:

    Well, the SBC innovators don’t much care what I think, and I’m quite sure the feeling is mutual 😉


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