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Special Giveaway for Dr. Platypus Readers (and Others)

Michael Bell of Eclectic Christian fame has chosen to offer a Christmas present to readers of some of his favorite blogs in the form of a contest. I’ll let him explain:

It’s Christmas time, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank the authors and commentators of the various blogs that I read.  You have all made a meaningful contribution to my spiritual growth over the last number of months.

Here is what I am doing as a special thank you.   If you are an author or reader of one of the blogs listed below (these are the ones that I have benefited from the most) then you can win up to $20.00 off any purchase at www.bookling.com.  (All contestants will win something!)

The details are to be found over at Michael’s blog. And if you don’t already check out Michael and his colleagues, you really ought to.



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