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Christian Unbelievers?

iMonk shares a bit of his struggles coming to terms with how God sometimes meets people outside the Bible, asking “Am I the Unbeliever?” As usual, I can sympathize with people on both sides of the equation. I don’t expect God to make rainbows appear just for me, or even for him to help me find a parking place at the mall! But I want to be open to inner nudges and external “coincidences” that just might be signs of God’s concern with every detail of my life.



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  1. steve martin says:

    Was it God…or …last night’s pizza?

    Feelings, signs, miracles, whatevers…could be God…then again…it might be the devil.

    St. Paul tells us that the devil can appear all dressed up as an angel of light. (maybe to get us tio walk by sight and not by faith?)

    But then again, it sure could be God. I guess this is where trust comes in. We trust that whatever happens…good or bad…God is active in it for His purposes.


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