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I intend to pray for President Obama. He is my president, and he needs all the grace he can get. I wish him God’s blessings. But this, as my friend Michael would say, is Blasphemy!Lamb of God??

Jesus is the conquering Lamb of God; Mr. Obama is not. Those who can’t tell the difference are idolaters. (And in case you’re wondering, I made exactly the same point back on my old blogspot blog when I first saw those disgusting “Bush fish” logos. I’m an equal opportunity zealot when it comes to the first commandment.)

I’m not talking about sane, sober people who have weighed the issues and concluded that Mr. Obama would be a better president than Mr. McCain. Perhaps he will be. But that doesn’t give anyone the right to vest him with religious imagery or symbolism.

The church you can’t see is starting to become visible, and it’s making me nervous. The people who think it’s fine to conflate the President of the United States with the Son of Almighty God, or who think his likeness belongs on a votive candle, or describe him as a quasi-divine “Light worker” the likes of which the world has seldom seen are merely revealing the emptiness in their own souls.

I don’t think they’re revealing much at all about Mr. Obama’s self understanding. [Previous sentence highlighted so nobody thinks I’m making preposterous claims about Mr. Obama being the Antichrist or what have you.] I certainly hope not! I further hope our new President will quickly and unambiguously distance himself from such blasphemous and idolatrous co-opting of Christian (and other religious) symbols and language.

We voted for him to be our President, not our Messiah.



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    Wow! Unbelievable…simply…words fail me!


  3. Some churches don’t do much with symbolism, so even if they don’t care for symbols, they are not teaching their people about symbols. Other people are just cashing in without understanding symbols. I’d like to pin this on the “other people” except that many “Christian Book Stores” are filled with Jesus junk and churchy trash. Often this stuff is made overseas, perhaps in countries with fewer Christians, but it is purchased by these store owners. I presume (?) that Jesus would throw these merchants out of the temple, but who am I to presume that?


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