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Friends, not Foes

Connie was going through some old editions of Baptists Today at work and came across this quotation she thought I’d appreciate. I do.

I like Pentecostal joy, Episcopalian reverence, Presbyterian order, Lutheran grace, Salvation Army service, Methodist experience, Catholic mystery and Disciples of Christ ecumenism. They are my friends, not my foes, my brothers and sisters, not enemies of my family.
—Walter B. Shurden

This sentiment is all the more special because I get to go to Sunday school with the person who said it.


  1. I like it! Bet you are not surprised. I will repost the quote on E.C.


  2. mike says:

    Mikey likes it, too.


  3. SingingOwl says:

    Me too! I’m posting it at my place.


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