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In Search of Baptist History

My review of C. Douglas Weaver’s In Search of the New Testament Church: The Baptist Story (Mercer University Press, 2008) is out in the February issue of Baptists Today. They do not seem to have their book reviews available online, however. Bottom line:

In Search of the New Testament Church is a wonderful, informative read for any Baptist interested in his or her heritage. Weaver’s book compares favorably with Leon McBeth’s larger and more encyclopedic The Baptist Heritage (Broadman & Holman, 1987). At less than half the size, it is a far more accessible general survey of Baptist history. There is no more technical jargon than is necessary. The writing is concise and accessible, providing an excellent resource for church libraries, group studies and undergraduate Baptist history courses.


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  1. Chris S says:

    Darn…so I should add ANOTHER book to my reading list?

    Yikes! 🙂


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