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Depends on What I’m Reading

iMonk has asked his Liturgical Ganstas, “When were you saved?” Had he asked me, I think I would be tempted to answer, It depends on what I’m currently reading:

If I’m reading Ephesians, I was saved many years ago by grace through faith when God, who is rich in mercy, made me alive in Christ, although I once was dead through the trespasses and sins in which I  lived (Eph 2).

If I’m reading James, I am being saved today when I supply the bodily needs of a brother or sister, bringing my faith to completion by my works, since faith by itself is barren (Jas 2).

If I’m reading Hebrews, I will be saved at the last day, and therefore I am making every effort to enter into that rest, so that I may not fall through disobedience (Heb 4).


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  1. steve martin says:

    “When were you saved?”

    This morning…this afternoon…this evening…and tomorrow.

    Each and every day I die with Christ (Romans 6) and each and every day I am raised again (Romans 6) by His forgiveness.


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