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NBC is going to run a new series that is a modern re-telling of the story of Saul and David from the book of 1 Samuel. It could be worth a look:

If it turns out to be a hit, there is plenty of material for future seasons.

(H/T: C. Orthodoxy)


  1. SingingOwl says:

    Hmmm. I’ll have to check it out. It seems to me that such an undertaking would turn out to be either really good or really bad!


  2. Darrell Pursiful says:

    I know. I’ll watch the first episode (actually, will probably have Connie tape it for me since I’ll be out of town on business on March 15), more out of curiosity than anything else. I like the “concept” of Heroes, but Kring’s execution is sometimes good, sometimes awful. Let’s hope he leans more toward the “good” in this series.


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