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Bless You, Jim Somerville

He’s doing some hard leadership work at First Baptist Church in Richmond, and from my outsider’s vantage point, it looks like he’s doing it well. Of course, the fact that I agree with him makes it all the better!


  1. Hi Darrell,

    Given the topic at hand I thought I would update concerning our situation vis-a-vis baptism.

    We decided not to pursue membership as we thought it would be too divisive for now. However we did get agreement from the elders’ board that as long as we were willing to affirm that we would not teach contrary to the statement of faith, we could hold teaching and adult leadership positions outside of elder or trustee. We could participate in children’s ministries but not lead them.

    Not ideal, but it will do for now.


  2. Darrell Pursiful says:

    I’m glad you’ve found an arrangement that, while not ideal, is at least tolerable. God bless!


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