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Cleaning Out My Feed Reader

I’ve been scrambling at work to get everything done I need to get done before heading to Texas next week for the Committee on the Uniform Series. Looks like today’s the day to clear out all the stuff that has been accumulating in my feed reader.

Ben Witherington reviews The New Testament in Antiquity, a new introductory textbook.

John Hobbins on Breathing New Life into the Doctrine of Inerrancy. “Evangelicalism is burdened by the currency it gives to intellectually indefensible definitions of inerrancy. Nonetheless, that same movement remains a place in which God’s Word is a lamp unto the feet of believers, a light unto their path”

Speaking of John, only he would have the αρχίδια to write posts like this one and that one.

The SBL Unicode Greek Font is now available.

Claude Mariottini takes another look at The Balm of Gilead.

A new Theology on the Web hub site will soon be going on my Resources page.

That’s all for now. I may have something of substance to say before I leave for the airport, and if the meeting gets boring… well, I’ll have a laptop with me…



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