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Oxford Biblical Studies Online

Oxford University Press has launched a new biblical studies resource page called Oxford Biblical Studies Online. They are letting people have free access until the end of May. To access the free trial, click on the above link and use the following login information:

username: presspass
password: springtime

According to the home page, the site provides the following resources:

Bible texts include six essential OUP Bibles, including the latest edition of the New Oxford Annotated Bible, as well as deuterocanonical collections, Concordances, and the Oxford Bible Commentary. Search across multiple versions of the Bible, and compare different texts and commentaries in an innovative side-by-side view

Over 5,000 A-Z entries and chapters from acclaimed Oxford references, written by leading scholars and specialists

Hundreds of images and maps provide visual perspectives of the biblical world

Tools & Resources contains Internet resources selected by specialists in the field, tables and charts of biblical calendars, weights and measures, suggested reading lists for further research, and more.




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