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Liturgies in Biblical Language

Weekend Fisher has shared a little (far too little!) of a pet project she is working on to write liturgies 100% in the language of Scripture—but not just “Scripture” but rather particular portions thereof. Her example is a bit of a penitential rite from the Gospel of Matthew. She writes,

I have a theory about good Christian writings, not just the gospels and epistles but the whole corpus of Christian writings throughout the ages: that any author who truly understands God and his message will have material that automatically and instinctively covers basics of a liturgy. I suspect that a truly good and well-rounded Christian writer could have their own material selected and arranged to create a liturgy from their words, complete with invocation, confession and repentance, adoration, praise, prayers, appreciation of God’s word, the sacrament, going forth into the world, blessing, and so forth. I expect you could create a liturgy of St. Augustine, a liturgy of C.S.Lewis, a liturgy of Therese of Lisieux … and that each author would be able to fill the framework of the basics of Christian adoration of God and proclamation of Christ.

This really cheeses me off, because I’m about to leave for vacation and now all I want to do is ponder the possibilities! The Gospel of John, Hebrews, and Revelation spring quickly to mind as perfect texts for such a project. I’m definitely going to work on this some more.



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