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Schenck: Critical Issues in the Bible

I have really been enjoying Ken Schenck’s blog series on critical issues in the Bible over at Quadrilateral Thoughts. In the first post, he explains his rationale:

I personally think a seminary trained pastor should at least have heard of the standard critical issues of the Bible. They don’t need to know too much about those issues as they are really tangential to what ministry is overwhelmingly about. Indeed, I would argue these issues are tangential to what the Bible is primarily about for Christians.

And I don’t say that because I am in denial, as if anyone with a brain or with faith knows that these issues have no substance but are simply the faithless schemes of godless liberals. I say that because the Bible as God’s word is the Bible as Christian canon, and on this level it matters precious little whether there were sources that the Pentateuch edited into its current form. In that sense I am irritated to think of how much time both liberals and evangelicals have spent focusing on such issues in the twentieth century.

He’s got the makings of a nice little handbook there. I commend his effort to condense these matters into a “least you need to know” format, and I’ll probably be sharing the links with my students in the fall. Here are the individual links so far. I’ll update as new installments come out, because this series really needs a sneeze page somewhere.



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