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Five Paragraphs

Browsing Amazon.com I discovered that Daniel J. Harrington devoted five paragraphs on pages 75-76 of What Are They Saying About the Letter to the Hebrews? (Paulist, 2005) to my published dissertation, thus proving—to my utter astonishment—that more than three people read the thing!

PS: It’s actually a pretty good summary!



  1. Darrell,

    Congratulations about being quoted. Now, I will have to go to the library and find out what Harrington said about your dissertation.

    Claude Mariottini


  2. That’s got to be a good feeling. Looks like he does the same for my former undergraduate advisor’s (Michael Cosby) dissertation on Hebrews. I’ll have to see if he noticed that.


  3. But did he cite you?

    I was working on a New Testament paper once to find out that a quote that I had picked up from one scholarly source was in fact plagiarized almost word for word (in fact the entire paper) from another scholarly source! And no credit given! Both authors would be well known to you, so I will not be explicit about the passage studied. The issue was dealt with quietly and privately, and the first author is now making scholarly contributions in a non-plagiarized manner.

    This happened 17 years ago, and I think with the advent of the internet it would be much easier to get caught.


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