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Daniel Radcliffe and the Epitome of Class

This report made me smile:

We watched as he moved down the carpet, joking about his height, laughing at the sexual tension and drug-use allusions in the film, and gamely imagining who would win a battle between wizards and vampires…. But it was his completely adorable interaction with a terrified 11-year-old reporter from Scholastic News that won us over for good. Imagine half a dozen pushy TV reporters shoving their mikes in Radcliffe’s face as he zeroes in on a little girl holding her microphone with both hands, voice shaking so much she can hardly form sentences.

Do read it all. One would wish far older and—presumably, hopefully, but regrettably often not—maturer actors would display the same sort of class when dealing with the public.



  1. Kelley says:

    Thanks for posting this! You know I’m a Harry Potter hound anyway, but I have been watching some of the publicity interviews and am very impressed with the way Dan Radcliffe handles himself. I’d say he’s had significant grounding all these years. Good thing he didn’t grow up in America. Just imagine what he’d be into. Instead, he’s, as you said, classy.


  2. Dana says:

    Further – if you watched Emma Watson’s interview with Mr. Letterman the other day (when he had the uncouth to show the “wardrobe malfunction” picture (of a 19-year-old, no less)) – she *also* showed a great deal of class in reacting appropriately, which points up yet again how … declasse he is (or has become recently). I was very proud of her, and am deeply heartened that these young people (and doubtless hordes of their cohort who are less-well-know) have been thrust into limelight and “popularity” and such, but appear to be very centered and whole regardless.


  3. Beverly Owens says:

    He has CLASS! BRAVO for Daniel R. !!!


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