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The Challenge of the Gospel

Here is an observation worthy of careful consideration.

One of the great Prayer Book collects asks God that we may “love the thing which thou commandest, and desire that which thou dost promise”. That is always tough, for all of us. Much easier to ask God to command what we already love, and promise what we already desire. But much less like the challenge of the Gospel.

Every Christian knows that this sentiment is true. We all love and desire things that God forbids—not because God is out to get us but because, if we ever received them, it would be harmful to our relationships with God, others, and/or self. Therefore, the challenge of the gospel is to invite God to change our desires, our loves, to line up with God’s holiness. And we pray for God’s grace beforehand, knowing the road is sometimes hard and we will not always succeed. And we pray as well for patience and a forgiving, welcoming spirit toward our brothers and sisters in Christ, knowing that their battles may be far harder than our own.

Oh, and here’s the statement in context.


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  1. steve martin says:

    I think that is why the Lord in His great prayer teaches us to pray against ourselves (thy will be done).


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