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Breaking News: Ancient Hebrew Men Didn’t Wear Pants

In a previous post I dealt with the customary attire of the New Testament era and the Greek vocabulary used to describe it. This was in response to a (shall we say) energetic defense of the idea that Jesus in fact wore pants.

The idea that men—and only men—should wear pants is rooted in a particular (misguided) understanding of Deuteronomy 22:5, which prohibits “cross-dressing.” Claude Mariottini, who had previously argued that this prohibition had to do with forbidding Canaanite religious practices, has now answered a critic of his position and provided some monumental evidence for the attire of ancient Hebrew men.



  1. Now, Darrell! Now we’re getting into some substantive issues! How “ancient Hebrew” do I have to be to wear shorts in the summertime?


  2. Jim, just wear a kilt and everything should be fine.


  3. Brooke says:

    The sarong is a wonderfully comfortable and adaptable garment for men. Just don’t wear it when climbing the steps to the altar.


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