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Fall Break!

As usual, I’ll be celebrating Mercer’s fall break by editing Sunday school lessons. While I do so, here is a thought for the day about higher education from Camile Paglia:

Judging by the increasingly limited cultural and factual knowledge of graduates of elite schools whom one encounters working in the media, blue-chip sheepskins aren’t worth the parchment they’re printed on these days. Young people forced through the ruthlessly competitive college admissions rat race have the independence and creativity pinched right out of them. Proof? Where are the major young American artists, writers, critics or movie-makers of the past 20 years? The most adventurous and enterprising minds have gone into high tech. We’re in a horrendous cultural vacuum because our status-besotted education industry is geared toward producing not original thinkers but docile creatures of the system.


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  1. Absolutely. A major exception is the St. John’s Colleges in MD and NM which have no majors, concentrate on the liberal arts, and base the entire curriculum on the Great Books of the Western World.

    Other exceptions include some of the better church-related liberal arts colleges, such as Earlham College (related to the Friends) in Indiania, Eastern University in PA (American Baptist), Eastern Mennonite University, Calvin College, Bluffton College (Mennonite). But these are rarer than they should be.


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